Security Solutions

Protect your physical, financial, and human assets

Pathway Technologies offers advanced security solutions to protect our client’s physical structures, interior assets, and employee safety. Our team will assess your security risk and review your network architecture and current security technology.  We will create a cost-effective strategy for migrating to more advanced technology while leveraging your existing capabilities.

Access Control Systems

Monitor multiple systems and remote locations thru one efficient interface. Control entry permissions; track entry and exit of employees and guests; and report in real-time.


  • Access card readers
  • Biometric access readers
  • Turnstiles and elevator controls
  • Interface with Intrusion detection system
  • Interface with Video Surveillance Systems
  • Time and Attendance audit reporting
  • Advanced integrations that provide Interactive floor plans with live event logs, and event acknowledgment

Video Surveillance Systems

Secure your property and reduce your liability risk with high-definition video recording, video search and analytics, and remote viewing from any device.


  • High-resolution IP Mega-pixel cameras with infrared or thermal imaging capability
  • Network and digital video recording
  • Video analytics
  • Monitor multiple cameras from one location
  • Integration with legacy systems

Intrusion Detection Systems

Protect your business 24/7 against unauthorized access with advanced entry alarms, real-time alerts, and remote monitoring and security management.


  • Door position switches
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Infrared beam detectors
  • Temperature and water sensors
  • Chemical sensors
  • Real-time monitoring

Fire Detection Systems

Immediately detect fire and abnormal conditions that threaten your employees and property, and notify emergency response teams.


  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Smoke detectors
  • Strobe/horn alarms
  • Integration with fire suppression systems
  • Compliance support with local code authorities
  • Fire alarm test and inspection NFPA 72

Emergency Notification Systems

Instantly communicate life-saving information to staff, students, patients, or visitors with an integrated communications system. Notify your people of inclement weather, fire, active shooter, and distress alarms.


  • On and off-site control of emergency communications via web browser
  • Indoor and outdoor emergency call stations
  • IP Panic buttons
  • Integration with security and life safety systems
  • Emergency call stations
  • Mass notification systems with broadcast alerts through IP phones, computer screens, digital signs, PA systems and high powered outdoor speakers