Healthcare Solutions

Improve patient care and the bottom line

Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry with new risks and regulations. Pathway Technologies is an experienced systems designer and integrator for healthcare providers.

We stay informed of the regulatory requirements of CMS, HIPAA, OSHA, and the Joint Commission; and we understand the financial implications of HCAHPS surveys. Our goal is to stay abreast of the latest industry requirements and technological advancements to help you protect your physical assets, your staff, and your patients.

Our technical professionals team with our group of consulting clinicians to assess your workflow, your network infrastructure, and your existing capabilities. We then design efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet your specific healthcare need.

 Patient safety and satisfaction is the goal of every solution we implement.

Recent Case Study: Person Memorial Hospital upgrades nurse call system to support patient rounding and increase patient satisfaction

Nurse Call Systems

Efficiently connect patients with caregivers for immediate response and effective communication.


  • Tone and light notification
  • Audio-visual and two-way communication
  • IP call solutions
  • Integration with wireless phones and paging devices
  • Integration with Real Time Locating Systems
  • Portable patient pendants
  • UL 1069 Compliant

Real Time Locating Systems

Effectively track equipment, patient flow, bed availability, hand hygiene, and staff location.


  • Patient locating
  • Medical equipment tracking
  • Real-time hand hygiene monitoring
  • Automatic patient care time tracking for CMS reimbursement
  • Mobile panic button/staff assist button
  • Integration with Nurse Call Systems
  • Integration with EMR systems
  • Healthcare Analytics and reporting

Infant and Patient Protection

Immediately detect infant-mother mismatch, and guarantee the safety of newborns.


  • Tamper-sensing infant bands
  • Umbilical tags
  • Mother-baby mismatch notification
  • System-wide implementation from one server
  • Perimeter door protection

Elder Care Technology

Protect the residents of senior and assisted living facilities while respecting their freedom of movement.


  • Wireless patient pendants
  • Resident banding solutions
  • Fall monitoring
  • Daily check-in stations
  • Patient wandering detection

Intercom and Paging Systems

Streamline communications inside your facility. Keep patients and caregivers informed of critical information.


  • Overhead paging and sound
  • Stand-alone and IP Network Intercoms
  • Voice and video intercoms
  • Integration with wireless phones
  • Rescue assistance stations
  • Integration with Access Control Systems