Company Profile

Growing to meet your needs

Pathway Technologies, Inc. is a growing organization of technically accomplished individuals committed to a team approach that is highly passionate about delivering technical solutions to solve our customers’ problems. Our mission is carried out with this philosophy: Attention to detail, commitment to quality, and our dedication to customer service sets our company apart.

Pathway Technologies was formed in 2008 to address the need for corporations to move from analog security technologies to IP based technologies. At that time the current analog technologies being used were limited in providing valuable information to the customer. New IP based systems being introduced benefited the customer by providing higher value information and increased efficiencies in security, work flow processes, and satisfying OSHA, NERC, and other industry specific regulations. However, the market lacked systems integrators that had an in depth understanding of how these IP based systems could be implemented.

Pathway Technologies, Inc. provides this path for customers through design, engineering, installation, and service. The end result is our customers have a higher return of information with the ability to more effectively manage their organization.

Through the success of this forward thinking strategy and our dedication to customer service, Pathway Technologies, Inc. expanded its capabilities into Networking, Healthcare Technologies, Audio/Visual Systems, and Fire Detection Systems. This provides greater value to our customers as we become an integral partner to help achieve their business goals.

Not only has Pathway Technologies, Inc. expanded its corporate capabilities by offering additional services, but we have expanded geographically. In 2010 Pathway Technologies, Inc. opened an office in Charlotte, NC. We also developed a network of qualified partners which allows us to provide services throughout the United States, as well as globally.